B2BA ist Bunt: Eventreport

B2BA is colorful: event report

What a crazy event that was! Many thanks to everyone who was there and made this event so unforgettable. It means a lot to us that, on the one hand, an event like this can be held in our city and, on the other hand, that it was so well received.
A big thank you to our families and friends for all their support.
A big thank you to:
- Paps, who was on duty again at every point
- Robert von Joos , who provided us with his delicious cocktails
- DJ Fleezl, who not only makes music, but also rotates the roster and serves beer
- Laura, who had a firm grip on the tap
- Anna and Chrisschl, who made fireflies with the children
- Christian, who did children's make-up for almost three hours instead of one hour
- Ephraim, who confidently carried out our color bomb campaign and generated €106 in donations
- Mr. Diggler and DJ Nitro, who provided us with their light
- Edeka Meisel for the finest grills and the 1A fillet skewers
- Glückauf beers for the hoppy support
- the Ridin Crocs Sachsenring for the loan of the standing table ovens
- Star photographer Thomas ;-) for his successful snapshots
...and of course all the assembly and dismantling assistants.

The next campaign is called: Farm Christmas! This will take place on the 3rd weekend of Advent. So get ready and write it down in bold on your calendar.

Thank you for everything.
Your B2BA team

PS: You can find some event pictures on our Facebook profile