B2BA supportet die Kinetic Soccer Kids beim OSV

B2BA supports the Kinetic Soccer Kids at OSV

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The 2nd edition of the Kinetic Soccer and Oberlungwitzer SV training camp started yesterday, Monday, October 17th, 2022.

Sure - B2BA is actually much more oriented towards two-wheeled sports. But when a bunch of kids ask you if you want to become a jersey sponsor - do you say no? Of course not - especially because there is actually a very nice idea behind the camp. We have been cooperating with the club for many years and take care of the merch for the boys and girls. Now it was time to give something back.

With Kinetic Soccer, the boys spend their vacation time outside on the soccer field and are introduced to sports, especially soccer, in a new way through this program. For more information click here .

Kinetic Soccer OSV Kids

If you also need support for your merch, then B2BA is a competent contact for you. We design, print and embroider everything from club clothing to JGA or graduation shirts to company clothing or workwear. Always according to the motto: We have the machines, we can do it for ourselves - then we can do it for you too. Our goal: We are not the run-of-the-mill advertising booth that processes the order in a completely stupid way. We want to develop a great product together with our customer.

Stay Awesome!