News vom Rederberch - Comeback von Falk

News from Rederberch - Falk's comeback

Falk Schaarschmidt is back.

Here is his race report Superhill Rederberch Race October 8th, 2022:

After my two-month break due to injury, I was still able to take part in a race this year. At half past six on Saturday morning we went to Erdmannsdorf, a good hour and a half away. Unfortunately, since the Superhill Race was a one-day event, there was no time for a track walk. However, I knew the approximate route because I had been to the Rederberch to train a few years ago. Immediately after getting my number and changing, we went to the shuttle. The first two descents were catastrophes; after my collarbone operation it was the first time that I was properly sitting on the bike again. Accordingly, I was still pretty stiff and cramped, but luckily that went away as the day went on. I liked the route itself despite the many jumps.

With the exception of one driving error, everything went well for the seeding run and I was able to qualify for the final in 5th place.

When we went up to the start line for the final run for the last time of the day, it started to rain. Actually, the wet conditions are exactly what I like, but the heavily compacted ground in Erdmannsdorf made the route very slippery and unpredictable in some places. Nevertheless, in the end I was able to cross the finish line again in 5th place, so the Superhill Race on the Rederberch was a satisfactory end to the season for me.

Now that I know that my collarbone is working great again and doesn't restrict me when I'm driving, I'm already excited for next year. I will use the winter to get my shoulder/collarbone back to 100% fit and to train effectively.

Many greetings Falk

Falk at Rederberch with B2BA Racewear

Falk's comeback at Rederberch

Falk's comeback at Rederberch